Organic Baby Products

Organic baby products are those that are created from things that are naturally pure. These products contain no harmful chemicals or anything that would pass toxic substances from it to a baby. If they are food products, they don’t have unnatural additives and are not made from ingredients that at one time were treated with pesticides. They won’t harm your baby while in the most important development stage of life. Here are some other bits of information you should know about these natural and environmentally friendly products for your baby.

organic baby foodOrganic Baby Food

Organic baby food products are not made from food ingredients tainted by pesticides and growth hormones. Just like organic foods that adults purchase in the farmer’s market or health food store, organic baby food is grown totally free from the help of any chemicals. While organic foods are good for everyone, they are especially beneficial for babies whose brains and organs are in the early stages of development. This is a time when their small organs are extremely sensitive to unnatural toxins. Organic baby products like fruit are also preserved in such a way as to retain all their nutrients. For example, some of these organic baby foods are flash frozen so that nutrients are locked in.

organic baby clothing

Organic Baby Clothing

Baby clothing made from organic products is of higher quality plus protects the environment. Clothing made fro

m blends instead of pure organic cotton can trigger allergic reactions on your baby’s skin. Consider that a baby’s skin is not as thick as an adult’s and, just like the other developing organs, is vulnerable to the toxins found in clothing made from non-organic material. Chemical residues that are found on non-organic blends can also remove a layer of a baby’s sensitive skin thus putting the infant at greater risk for dermal reactions.

best organic baby formulaOrganic baby formula

Organic baby formula is the closest there is to mother’s breast milk. It is made of milk that comes from cows that have been raised without using growth hormones or given feed that contains pesticides. While breast feeding is the best way to nourish a baby, it is not always convenient. For example, if you have to leave the baby with dad for a few hours, organic baby formula will come in handy. Plus, it is good for weaning a baby off of breast milk in that you have a healthy alternative to non-organic baby formula.

organic diaperOrganic Baby Diapers

There are a couple of green solutions when it comes to baby diapers. You can choose these organic baby food products in the form of either disposable diapers which offer convenience when you are not at home or you can choose organic cloth baby diapers. Non-organic disposable diapers are filled with a variety of chemicals to make them absorbent. For example, sodium polyacrylate is used because it can absorb water hundreds of times more than its mass. However, this chemical has been known to cause allergic reactions on a baby’s skin. Natural cotton diapers are the best because they provide all the benefits of cotton clothing plus can be washed and reused. Reuse is the best way to protect the environment.

Organic Baby Wipes

Baby cleaning products from organic sources are good for air quality, baby’s skin, and the environment. They are good for the environment in that they are flushable and biodegradable meaning that as they decompose, they will return to soil as natural substances and not toxic chemicals. Baby wipes are probably the most used cleaning product for infants and for parents. However, non-organic baby wipes are made from materials that are not biodegradable and soaked in harsh detergent, alcohol, and perfume. All of these can cause allergic reactions on a baby’s skin as well as fumes that can harm the small child’s lungs.

As you can see, organic baby products are the right choice for the health of your child. Allergic reactions and skin rashes make your baby extremely uncomfortable and cause undue stress on even the parents. Sometimes organic products might cost a little more but think of the savings you will have when your baby is in perfect health and doesn’t have to see the doctor other than regular checkups. And finally, by choosing these products, we can do our part to protect the environment.