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Every mother and father loves getting something for free, especially in this economy where money is tight, and luckily for you this is possible, and also very easy. Companies like Enfamil, Huggies, Pampers and Similac are always trying to reach out to new parents and giving out free baby samples is one way they do this. The thing about these big companies like huggies and pampers is that giving away a few samples will only cost them a bit of money. You see giving away something for free is a loss for them, but it is considered an investment in marketing. If they can win over a new mother or new father for a lifetime then then they will end up making a lot more than what they lost by giving away a free sample.

My mother always taught me that nothing in life is free, and in a way the free baby samples are not “technically” free. You see in order to receive a free baby sample you will need to enter your information into a form. This is done for two reasons, the first and most obvious is so that the company can send the free baby samples to you, but the other reason is so that they can contact you again.

Many of the big companies like Fisher Price, Huggies, Pampers, Enfamil and Similac will collect email addresses from new parents (with permission of course) so that they can inform them of new deals, coupons, promotions, and free samples for parents and babies. These promotional newsletters and emails are usually very helpful and if at any point in time you decide you do not want the email it is very easy to take yourself off the list. Most large companies follow the code of ethics when promoting by email, so if you would like to un-subscribe from a free samples email list you just need to follow the link in the bottom of most emails.

Free Baby Samples by Mail

Many people want to receive their free baby samples by mail, and this is the typical delivery method for most free diaper samples. If you are looking for something like free huggies samples or free pampers samples then all you need to do is visit the links above and sign up. The only problem with getting something for free is that you can only usually get a small sample. Typically you will not get a large quantity of diapers or baby formula for free, but it is nice to at least get something.

Join Totsy and receive exclusive sales offers for moms, children & babies with up to 80% off retail.