Diaper Bags

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There are so many things that have to be purchased when welcoming a new baby. Toys, diapers, bottles, clothes; and of course, the main item to store it all in …. A diaper bag! There are so many different types of diaper bags out there; various sizes, styles, and space available. It’s clearly up to you on which one you feel will rock your style.

First, and the most common, is the traditional diaper bag. This is seen on most parents and comes in a variety of sizes. There are pockets and compartments for all of the baby’s needs; holders for carrying bottles to a larger pocket for extra clothes. This bag is mostly used by parents who are often traveling and always bring around the baby. It allows the parents to bring everything that is needed to maintain happiness and comfort for hours on end.

Next, there is the complete opposite of a traditional bag; a diaper tote bag. This is very large with handles, rather than a shoulder strap. It also has less pockets and compartments and is not meant to organize things. The clear purpose for this diaper bag is to carry around the items needed for changing purposes, but nothing else. This could be used during short outings or even going from one main place to another, (such as home to the daycare). The benefit of having a tote diaper bag is the different variations of fabrics, colors, and design. This can be matched to just about any outfit!

For the parent that has multiple young children, there is a backpack diaper bag available. It looks just like a backpack that a student would wear; so, it frees the hands of parents so they can be used for other things. In accordance to being similar to a backpack, it also has all the pockets and compartments as a typical backpack would. Organization with this bag is relatively easy.

And lastly, the messenger diaper bag is a hot commodity amongst all fathers. This is a smaller shoulder bag that hangs to the side, so it allows free hands and men to stay fashionable. There are compartments, but they’re for smaller items that may be needed. Still, because of the different designs that are available, fathers have felt more comfortable carrying this around compared to the other diaper bags that are available. The black and brown leather is the top design amongst fathers. This just proves that the best part about being a parent is having the extra accessories!