Discounts and Similac coupons October 2011

by Baby Coupons on October 1, 2011

I have found a few great discounts for Similac for October 2011. I am always keeping my eyes open for Similac coupons to share on this blog and October is just like the other months. It seems Similac keeps their coupons exclusive to their website, so if you want any discounts from Similac you will have to sign up for the stong moms program. To see their program visit the Similac website and click on the strong moms tab.

Online Similac Deals

Another way to save money on baby formula besides using Similac coupons is to buy Similac online. You can see the most recent deals on this page on Amazon. Using this method you can take advantage of the great prices and selection online by buying in bulk. When you find a good deal you can take advantage of it and buy in bulk. The great thing about the Similac is that a lot of the packs are a 6 pack of whatever formula you use. That means you get a 6 pack bundle for much cheaper than if you were to buy 6 individual

Trade your Similac coupons in the comments

Another Strategy for getting Similac Coupons is to trade them, I notice some mothers are offering the ones they will not be using. If you have some Similac formula coupons then mention it in the comments below and leave your contact info, this is a good way to help other mothers out.


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