Save 39 percent on Huggies Diapers!

by Baby Coupons on March 17, 2011

Hey guys, the HUGE deal is over, but there are still some great deals for up to 30% off Huggies

Visit this page to shop for Huggies at 10-30% off AND FREE SHIPPING

Yes you read that right, I found a deal for 74% off Huggies supreme diapers (others available but not at this big of a savings) and just needed to share this with all the mommies and daddy’s out there! The diapers are Huggies Supreme size 1 and this is a great time to buy in bulk! If you use a different brand or size take a look around the site as you may find other deals, if you do let us know in the comments :D

If you use pampers – I also found this online deal for 30% off Pampers which is a pretty good deal!, there are lots of sizes available at 30% off

Huggies Supreme Little Snugglers Quick Facts

  • They have a unique U-shaped cut out that is meant for the Umbilical cord on new born babies. This will provide better comfort
  • The have a pocketed waistband that will hold in those yucky runny messes
  • They have some cute designs like winnie the pooh
  • Available in sizes for preemie, size 1 and 2 up to 18 pounds



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