Baby Deals March 2011

by Baby Coupons on March 24, 2011

Hey guys, I thought since we all have babies here it would be a good idea to feature some good deals when it comes to baby products. Anything from baby monitors, baby strollers and baby toys. I figure I will do a monthly post, but if you gals (and guys) like it I could send one out weekly (just try not to go broke!)

Here is the list of great deals for March 2011, I hope I can help some of you save money!

Just click the links to see the deals

video baby monitorBaby Monitors – These things can be pretty expensive but I saw a good deal on that page for a video baby monitor for under $100, seems like a good deal to me.

Diaper Bags – Oh aren’t diaper gabs a god-send, and it really helps to have a decent one. I am so surprised at the price of some of the “designer” baby bags, but hey, a lady has to look good right :D If you follow that link you can find a simple diaper bag for $10 or get a great deal on the Bumble Bags eco-friendly diaper bags, normally $120, but selling for around $69

Cribs – Maybe you are expecting and need a new one, or maybe the one you bought just doesn’t quite cut it. There are a bunch of cribs for sale on this page and some of them are over $100 off, they look pretty nice too.

giraffe teetherBaby Teething Toys – This is where I could spend my paycheck, getting that perfect baby toy. I sorted the list for the BESTSELLERS and toys that are more than 25% off, so you get a great deal on baby toys that have gotten awesome reviews. Personally I love the little giraffe! If you haven’t gotten one already check out the shopping cart toys for baby’s

Strollers – I’m not going to lie to you, I was watching a lady push her baby in a stroller down the sidewalk and the wheel fell off! It didn’t even phase her, she just picked it up and kept on pushing. Maybe it’s time for a new stroller ;) Check out that link for some great deals!

What’s your favourite stroller, diaper bag or baby toy? Have you found a great deal on Amazon? Let us know in the comments below!

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